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Jerr-Dan fifthwheel detachable underlift

Jerr-Dan has designed its new HDUL-450D heavy-duty fifthwheel detachable underlift for fast and easy recovery of disabled equipment. Designed for safety and ease-of-use, it converts a tractor into a cost effective, heavy-duty recovery unit.

In its class, the HDUL-450D features the highest structural capacity at maximum reach, the longest extended boom reach, and the most negative tilt.

In its 69-inch retracted state, this chassis-mounted, three-stage, independent attachment features a lift rating of 45,000 pounds. Fully extended at 140 inches, the HDUL-450D delivers a lift rating of 24,000 pounds.

The independent vertical lift is engineered to tilt entirely on a hinge pin to prevent backward movement while tilting. The Quick Link Attachment allows for quick hook-up to a fifthwheel tractor.

Access for more details.

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