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Labelmaster has security seals, bolts, locks

Labelmaster offers various high-security and tamper-evident seals, bolts, and locks, with stock and custom seals for applications from securing cargo containers to inventory control.

Security seals are used for securing trailers, containers, tankers, rail cars, entrances and exits, meters, machines, bags and totes. The types of materials they secure range from highly-valued and dangerous goods to LTL cargo, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.

Labelmaster's array of security seals come in materials including plastic, metal, bolt, cable, wire, strap, and padlock. Many can be personalized with individual information. Some varieties of seals are C-TPAT- and ISO-compliant.

Labelmaster recently conducted a customer survey on use of security seals and found that most use plastic, metal, and bolt seals to secure trailers, containers, and tankers. Tamper-evidence and tamper-resistance are the most important features cited. Also, 34% of customers surveyed use indicative security seals (class 3), 28% barrier security seals (class 2), and 19% high barrier security seals (class 1).

For more information, e-mail [email protected].

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