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The Technology & Maintenance Council will hold its 2008 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition, February 4-7 at the Orange County Convention Center and Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando FL.

With the theme “TMC and Trucking: Technology on the Move,” the meeting will let fleet managers and other industry professionals gather the latest updates on fuel economy improvements, onboard diagnostics for the newest engines, new braking systems, and hybrid technology for walk-in vehicles.

A full technical session, 2007 Engine Report Card, will include the different perspectives from fleets and from truck and engine makers on the transition to new engine technology. Panelists will discuss where the new technology succeeded and how decision making, as well as product introduction and support might be different with the next major engine change in 2010.

Mini-technical sessions focusing on equipment and maintenance will include: Selection and Installation of Power Inverters; Busting Commonly Held Wheel Torque Myths; Cab and In-Cab Fuel Economy Improvement: Techniques and Technologies; Countering Counterfeit Parts; Stopping Systems Update for 2008; What You Need to Know About Onboard Diagnostics for 2010 Engines; Hybrid Opportunities for the Walk-In Van type vehicles; and Recommendations for a Standard Body/Chassis Interface for Vocational Vehicles.

For registration or more information, phone TMC at 703-838-1763. Full meeting registration on or before January 5 is $425 for TMC members, $525 for non-members. Registration after that date is $525 for members, $625 for non-members. A spouse's package is available for $200.

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