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Meritor WABCO debuts SmartTrac systems line

Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems has introduced SmartTrac, a suite of antilock braking, automatic traction control, and stability control systems for commercial vehicles. SmartTrac uses advanced electronic control units with enhanced capabilities, to help North American truck operators with more options to meet operational needs.

The SmartTrac family of stability control systems is available immediately as a factory-installation option at several truck, tractor, and trailer OEMs. This line encompasses anti-lock braking systems (ABS), automatic traction control (ATC), and stability control systems designed for vehicle applications such as commercial trucks and trailers, construction, fire and rescue, bus and coach, and military.

SmartTrac integrates the company’s active safety systems technologies:
--Electronic Stability Control (ESC) (released in 2005 by Meritor WABCO) combines Roll Stability Control (RSC) with the added capability of yaw or rotational control.
--Roll Stability Control (RSC) continually monitors conditions that can lead to a rollover and can automatically de-throttle the engine and apply the engine brake, and drive and trailer axle foundation brakes to reduce tractor-trailer speed when lateral acceleration limits are about to be exceeded.
--RSSplus is an advanced two-modulator valve, trailer-only, stability control system. It continually calculates the trailer’s roll stability threshold based on load and measures actual lateral acceleration (side-to-side movements) and individual wheel speeds. When conditions indicate a rollover may occur, the system automatically intervenes by reducing engine torque, and engaging the engine retarder, while automatically applying drive axle and trailer brakes to slow the vehicle and assist the driver in maintaining control.
--Monitoring and telematics: Communicating over the tractor’s data bus, status messages can be relayed to an onboard computer with telematics capabilities. Fleet managers at home can correlate stability control and braking events with precise time and location data.
--Improved diagnostics and event recording: The SmartTrac family of ECUs can capture data about braking and stability control events and create a record of accurate, detailed information.

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