MUTT mobile trailer tester has remote control capabilities

The Mobile Universal Trailer Tester (MUTT) has been designed to help technicians reduce the time it takes to inspect, troubleshoot, and repair trailer electrical and air brake systems.

Featuring solid-state circuitry and advanced onboard diagnostics, the MUTT is a rugged, made in the USA, all-terrain mobile unit with a unibody frame and 10-inch pneumatic tires. It operates from a standard 12-volt car battery.

Developed by Innovative Products of America, the MUTT has a wireless remote control that allows the lighting up and testing of a trailer's electrical system. It also can identify in a mere few seconds any open, crossed, or shorted circuits and distinguish between a bad return ground or bad chassis ground.

Further, the tester can verify correct wiring configurations and ampere draw.

The remote control unit can be used for testing a trailer's air brake system by using pulse air to check brake operation. It allows a technician to observe slacker adjustment in real time.

With a panel mounted adjustable air regulator, correct pressures can be used for specific testing procedures as well.

The MUTT can also perform leak down tests on service and emergency lines.

“On average, the MUTT pays for itself within 45 days,” said company vice president Ian Vinci. “It saves a technician 15 to 25 minutes inspecting a healthy trailer and 45 minutes to several hours fixing problem trailers.”

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