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OnGuard provided on certain Freightliners

Freightliner Trucks, in conjunction with Meritor WABCO, has announced the availability of the OnGuard collision safety system for select Cascadia and Century Class S/T fleets.

Developed by Meritor WABCO, OnGuard is a radar-based adaptive cruise control system with active braking for commercial vehicles. New to the North American market, active braking improves vehicle safety by automatically using the vehicle foundation brakes to alert the driver and decelerate the vehicle when a pre-set vehicle following distance is compromised.

Freightliner Trucks prepped select vehicles for the OnGuard system that applies the foundation brakes in adaptive cruise control mode. In adaptive cruise control mode, automatic foundation brake control distinguishes OnGuard from existing systems, which alert the driver to a potentially dangerous situation through alarms, and engine control.

With adaptive cruise control activated, if the pre-determined safe distance is compromised, OnGuard will immediately provide visual and audible warnings to the driver; vehicle deceleration through engine control, retarder control, and most important, foundation braking.

OnGuard's forward-looking, mono-pulse radar sensor is capable of detecting multiple moving objects at distances up to 500 feet away. It quickly coordinates responses from the engine, transmission, and anti-lock braking systems through communications across the SAE J1939 data network. It provides feedback to the driver through the in-cab dash display, which includes an audible alert.

The OnGuard system has already been installed on more than 500 vehicles and has orders for an additional 400 units.

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