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Paccar Parts offers TRP batteries

TRP Aftermarket Parts has introduced a full line of batteries for truck, marine, school bus, transit bus, and other commercial applications.

“The TRP line of batteries is offered in standard lead-acid designs, as well as newer Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology,” said Everett Seymoure, global brand manager for TRP. “The TRP starting battery line-up offers batteries with up to 1,150 cold cranking amps (CCA) for reliable performance under the most adverse weather conditions; or as low as 650 CCAs for warmer climates where longevity is needed more than cranking power.”

TRP dual-purpose batteries allow for more frequent discharge and recharge of the battery with their heavier, thicker plates. Fiberglass strands imbedded into the plate surfaces lock active material to the plates, preventing shorts between plates. Trucks with sleepers can run their refrigerators and other appliances off battery power for much longer.

“TRP AGM batteries have no free acid inside; it’s absorbed by the separator material between the lead plates,” Seymoure said.

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