Prime Inc orders another 2,500 TrailerTail devices

Prime Inc orders another 2,500 TrailerTail devices

ATDynamics, supplier of semi-trailer rear-drag aerodynamics technology, announced that Prime Inc, one of the nation’s largest refrigerated carriers, has ordered 2,500 more TrailerTail Trident rear-drag aerodynamic devices to be installed on its new Utility refrigerated trailers delivered through June 2015.
This marks the largest deployment of TrailerTails on refrigerated trailers in ATDynamics’ company history.
“We confirmed TrailerTail fuel efficiency in 2012 at the Goodyear Proving Grounds and have already deployed over 1,800 TrailerTails in our fleet,” said Paul Higgins, director of maintenance for Prime. “We have been very pleased with the product’s overall performance and have now made TrailerTail technology a standard specification for all new trailers. Our drivers have quickly recognized the fuel savings and safety benefits and are eager to haul TrailerTail-equipped trailers.”
TrailerTail Trident is ATDynamics’ 3-foot-long, three-sided TrailerTail model that is verified by US EPA SmartWay to deliver more than 5% fuel savings at 65 miles per hour.  Prime’s trailers with TrailerTails and skirts will qualify for SmartWay’s highest efficiency “Elite” category with fuel savings from trailer aerodynamics at 9% or greater.
“ATDynamics has worked closely with Prime on their TrailerTail rollout, and we are honored to be their preferred provider for rear-drag aerodynamics,” said Andrew Smith, chief executive officer and founder of ATDynamics. “Prime is a forward-thinking company and has seized this opportunity to gain a competitive edge from increased profits both for itself and its drivers, while simultaneously reducing the carbon emissions of its fleet.”
By mid-2015, Prime will have outfitted more than 50% of its 9,000-trailer refrigerated fleet with TrailerTail technology. This will deliver the equivalent fuel savings and environmental benefits of taking about 4,000 passenger vehicles off the road.
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