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Product Innovations

TODCO PolarTek door is graphics-friendly

TODCO's new PolarTek overhead refrigerated door is doing double duty, thanks to its high thermal efficiency rating as well as its smooth surface, making it ideal for use with or without graphics.

PolarTek is constructed of extruded hollow-core polycomposite panels, offering a smooth, quality finish that makes graphic applications very appealing — and painting optional. The panels are foamed in place with moisture-resistant, thermal-efficient polyurethane foam, whose thousands of tiny air pockets prevent Btu loss while adding strength and rigidity to the door.

“More and more of today's refrigerated trailers are used as mobile billboards,” said Scott Blackford, TODCO vice-president of sales and marketing. “Our PolarTek doors can enhance a fleet's marketing efforts and aesthetics because they're very decal-, paint-, and graphics-friendly.”

E-mail Blackford at [email protected] for more information.

Spray Control adds diamond-plated fenders

Spray Control Systems Inc has announced a new addition to its Minimizer line, the diamond-plated fender.

The new product incorporates the familiar, raised diamond “X” pattern commonly found on metal surfaces in heavy industrial settings and on many original truck parts. With the heft and look of metal, the diamond-plated option enables drivers to keep the look of their trucks consistent throughout, and gives fenders a rugged appeal.

These fenders are Minimizer-tough and virtually indestructible in comparison with their metal counterparts. Made of lightweight, durable polyethylene material, they will stay in shape and look good for years.

Diamond-plated fenders are available in all popular Minimizer styles and sizes, and they come in galvanized silver or traditional black.

Access for more information.

Hybrid refrigerated distribution system

VT Specialized Vehicles Corp Inc (VT SVC), a company of Vision Technologies Systems Inc (VT Systems), has introduced UltraTemp. This advanced hybrid system for refrigerated distribution combines the benefits of both cold plate and mechanical refrigeration.

Launched by VT SVC's Kidron division, UltraTemp delivers the low operating costs, high reliability and long life expectations associated with cold plates while offering unlimited route capability, automatic defrost and lower weight advantages of a mechanical refrigeration system.

In the heart of the UltraTemp design is Azure Dynamics Corp's Low Emission Electric Power (LEEP) hybrid system - a system that delivers significant improvements in fuel utilization and emission levels.

UltraTemp can be added to any chassis with a powertrain that is power take-off ready and can also support multi-temperature units. It uses the vehicle's powertrain, instead of a separate diesel engine, to generate clean power which is stored in the refrigeration system. This energy can then be used to maintain the cargo area temperature long after the engine has been shut down.

UltraTemp has a hot gas defrost system that automatically expels defrost condensate and minimizes ice buildup and time loss compared with cold plates.

Access for more information.

Utility adds ThermALERT option to trailers

The Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI with ThermALERT is now the standard option for Utility Trailer Mfg Co trailers spec'd for automatic tire inflation systems. ThermALERT detects increased wheel-end temperatures and helps alert drivers to stop for repairs before serious damage can occur.

The wheel-end heat sensing technology of ThermALERT is being added by Utility Trailer when MTIS is installed at no additional cost to customers.

PLM Trailer Leasing, a refrigerated trailer provider, recently purchased Utility Trailers equipped with MTIS and the ThermALERT option.

Access or for complete information.

New line of hubcaps is PSI-compatible

SKF has introduced four new PSI-compatible hubcaps to its wheel-end Scotseal product offering. The new hubcaps are compatible with the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by Pressure Systems Inc (PSI), an automatic tire inflation system. MTIS uses compressed air from a trailer's air system to inflate any tire that falls below a specified pre-set pressure. The system ultimately increases tire life, fuel efficiency, and safety.

The new hubcaps incorporate the same leakproof technology built into SKF's Scotseal TF hubcap product line. SKF TF hubcaps are manufactured of lightweight Dupont Zytel that resists impact damage, extreme weather conditions, road salt, and ultraviolet radiation or ozone.The PSI insert is incorporated into the hubcap's fusion-bonded window, which ensures a leakproof characteristic. Additionally, dual side fill plugs offer convenience that other hubcaps do not offer.

For more information, visit

Primaax provided on International trucks

Hendrickson Truck Systems Group is offering Primaax heavy-duty air-ride rear suspension on International trucks. International offers Primaax 46,000-lb-capacity (PAX 460) and Primaax 23,000-lb-capacity (PAX 230) suspensions on all PayStar and WorkStar series trucks.

Heavy-duty forged support beams, outboard-mounted torque rods, and a crossbrace combine to deliver greater roll stiffness. Delivering up to 12 inches of diagonal articulation and eight inches of axle travel, Primaax helps improve traction and off-road mobility, while up to 10.75 inches of ground clearance enhances maneuverability.

For more information, visit

Phillips receives two additional patents

Phillips Industries has received federal patents for two more products. Patent numbers have been assigned to Permalogic Controllers and the Sta-Dry Slim-7 Trailer Harness.

Permalogic all-electronic noseboxes are designed to control the trailer interior dome lamps and charge the liftgate batteries. These units are designed for fleets making multiple deliveries, such as foodservice and other refrigerated operations. The Permalogic family of products includes a dome lamp controller; liftgate battery charging system; TC Plus, which combines the benefits and capabilities of the Permalogic and the Permalogic TC in a single nosebox; and the Reefer, an all-weather, all electronic controller, designed to manage power to trailer dome lamps in trailers with refrigeration units.

The Slim-7 harness is a thin, molded seven-way connection that easily fits through the frame rails of any trailer. Like all Phillips trailer harness systems, it has molded connections between modules with specially designed ribs and O-rings that keep moisture and contaminants from penetrating the electrical system.

Visit to learn more.

The Brake Man's pre-cured pads are Super

Improve braking performance and reduce pedal effort with Super Brake pre-cured brake pads from The Brake Man. Featuring an increased coefficient of friction, Super Brake pads offer rapid break-in and last up to three times longer than OEM pads. Plus, they won't fade under repeated/extended braking, making them ideal for all performance and heavy-duty applications. Super Brake pads are available to fit all factory calipers, and no modifications to the existing brake system are required. For even better braking performance, Super Brake rotors are also available.

Access for further information.

POWERPlatform saves time, wear and tear

The POWERPlatform from Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies is an in-body drop floor system that holds up to 3,000 pounds of refrigerated product. It quickly lowers driver and product to street level for delivery.

Because the POWERPlatform eliminates the traditional liftgate at each delivery stop, driver productivity is increased and fatigue and worker compensation claims are decreased. Advantages for food transportation customers include:

  • Time savings. Dairy, milk, and beer distributors report increased driver productivity and time savings of 1-3 hours on their routes per day.

  • The platform switch features an alarm for safety.

  • A tight seal permits fast and accurate temperature recovery between delivery stops.

  • The pump and motor assembly are enclosed in a weatherproof utility box. The heavy-duty hydraulic piston assemblies are embedded in the refrigerated body insulated walls.

  • Tubular steel framing protects hydraulic hoses.

  • Custom-built heavy-duty hydraulic pistons feature 100,000-cycle life before rebuild.

POWERPlatform may be used in Johnson's Premier 16- to 26-foot refrigerated truck bodies. It is 42 inches × 59½ inches with a 3,000-lb carrying capacity and can be operated using an in-body hand-held remote or outside toggle switch. An optional side gate delivery is available with 1,500-lb capacity.

Visit for more details.

PitMaster X seals dock leveler open areas

Frommelt Products Corp, a division of Rite-Hite Corp, has introduced the PitMaster X Under-leveler Seal, designed to seal open areas beneath and around air-powered dock levelers. The resulting barrier can reduce energy costs by hundreds of dollars per dock position annually, and improve facility cleanliness by preventing dirt, dust, insects, and debris from entering through open air gaps.

By preventing airflow though open gaps, as well as reducing the transfer of heat through the steel leveler deck, PitMaster X can greatly reduce heating or cooling energy loss at the loading dock. Energy costs can be reduced by up to $900 per dock position depending on climate. In cold storage facilities, PitMaster X also helps reduce condensation on leveler decks for a safer dock environment.

The PitMaster X Under-leveler Seal is applied in addition to a three-sided dock seal or shelter. PitMaster X seals the fourth side of the dock opening, and features two sealing curtains constructed of black vinyl attached to the leveler's lower and upper frames. Curtains are supported by compressible, triangular foam gussets to ensure long-term durability. Separate lip corner seals and an open lip hinge seal fill remaining gaps.

Visit for more information.

Prep Package for hybrid reefer units

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co has a new Prep Package for trailers equipped with hybrid refrigeration units. This new 3000R Prep Package now provides a superior engineered interface between the trailer and refrigeration system.

Newly engineered features specifically incorporated for hybrid multi-temperature applications include a flush, heavy-duty, divided aluminum trough that houses refrigeration lines and electrical cables in separate compartments; a full-length, grounded copper channel surrounding the high-voltage cable; and a ¼“-thick trough cover to better protect the high-voltage cable from damage by fork truck masts and shoring bars.

Visit to learn more about this multi-temperature installation package.

LVD Switch eliminates dead batteries

Cole Hersee Co introduces its new Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) Switch, which eliminates dead batteries by automatically disconnecting non-critical loads from a battery when the battery falls below a predefined threshold. When battery voltage is restored, the switch automatically restores functionality of the ancillary equipment.

Suitable for trucking applications, the LVD Switch prevents the loads from disconnecting during starting. The switch provides overcurrent, short-circuit, and overtemperature protections to ensure a safe and reliable operation. It is resistant to vibration and mechanical shock and withstands contamination from moisture, dust, or salt spray.

This switch extends battery life. It has a 200-amp at 12-volt DC rating, and comes with a manual override option to allow users to make or break the connection regardless of battery voltage.

For more information, visit

ThermaFreeze targets pharmaceuticals

ThermaFreeze Products Corp will include pharmaceutical companies in the scope of primary target markets for its ThermaFreeze Refrigerant suite of products.

These products are ideal for overnight shipments of pharmaceuticals that must be kept cold, but not frozen, such as insulin and flu vaccines. ThermaFreeze has been proven to keep various pharmaceutical shipments between 36° and 46° F, for up to 48 hours, while maintaining product efficacy.

The materials let users custom-size pads that can be layered between products within a shipment, or wrapped around products when required. ThermaFreeze is shipped in a dry state, so it is lightweight and requires less storage space. When hydrated and frozen, its performance has been rated to be at least five times more efficient than gel packs.

ThermaFreeze permits rapid absorption of water by the non-toxic active ingredient. It stays frozen longer than gel packs, and its structure prevents water exiting as a liquid. ThermaFreeze maintains required cold temperatures, and evaporates, or sublimates, as it thaws, without being harmful to touch or expensive to use. E-mail Robert Adams at [email protected] for more details.

Eaton adds UltraShift HV park pawl option

Eaton Corp's automated UltraShift HV (Highway Value) medium-duty transmissions are now available with a new park pawl option that simplifies driving and helps promote safe operation. When the park pawl is engaged, the device securely locks the transmission, and simultaneously the vehicle's drivetrain and driven wheels, to ensure that the vehicle remains stationary when parked.

The option creates a driving environment more like that in an automobile than a commercial truck. Accordingly, the park pawl option is only available for medium-duty applications for Class 6 vehicles with gross commercial weight (GCW) ratings up to 26,000 pounds.

The UltraShift HV models with the park pawl option require an OEM-supplied shifter that replaces the standard pushbutton shift console. They also feature the ability to engage the hold mode in any gear for continuous operation on a variety of grades.

For additional information, visit

Washer series offers diverse configurations

Hotsy has introduced a new Gas Engine Series of hot water pressure washers offering a variety of mobility options. The new belt-drive pressure washer models can be ordered in a number of different configurations.

  • The standard pressure washer model is equipped with a trailer-mount chassis; however, it can be converted to a portable unit with two wheels and two casters for easy maneuvering on concrete or flat surfaces.

  • A four-wheel pressure washer kit is also offered with pneumatic tires, allowing for portability on gravel surfaces.

The chassis is available in a skid unit, allowing it to be easily moved by a forklift.

All four of the pressure washer models in this series feature the Hotsy-designed triplex belt-drive pump.

The Gas Engine Series models are available in nine, 13 or 16 horsepower. Two models are powered by Honda, while a third boasts a Robin Subaru and the fourth a Vanguard engine. All models produce cleaning power between 3,000 and 3,500 psi of water pressure and up to 4.6 gpm of flow volume. As with all Hotsy industrial-grade pressure washers, these new belt-drive models come standard with an industry-leading seven-year warranty on the Hotsy pump.

Optional features include a wheel kit and handle for portability and a hose reel for easy storage. As with all Hotsy pressure washers, equipment is ETL certified to UL-1776 safety standards. E-mail Robin Paul at [email protected] for further information.

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