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Randall Mfg offers Randall Steps

Randall Mfg offers Randall Steps

Randall Manufacturing has expanded its Randall Ramps line to include the new Randall Steps. The exclusive design of Randall Steps uses the same multi-step coating process used by the military on their equipment, where performance, corrosion-resistance, and product strength are key.

The signature walk surface of the Randall Ramps line continues on the new Randall Steps. A robust, gripping tread increases driver traction, especially with ice and snow. Combined with a raised side wall, which allows for secure foot placement when climbing in and out of the trailer, Randall Steps have been engineered to be safe and strong.

Key features of this product include:

•Aggressive, grabbing tread provides traction and stability where it’s needed most

•Corrosion-resistant coating meets military standards

•A raised side wall ensures proper footing

•High-visibility orange

•Fits competitive brackets

•Used at rear or side door

•Weight capacity of 500 lbs

•Optional chain and latch

•Custom sizes available

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