Randall products help elevate side door access

At Randall Manufacturing’s booth #327 during the IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference, which is running October 21-23 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis IN, visitors can experience the next generation of access products on the Randall Road Tour trailer.
They can also learn the latest best practices in temperature control and understand the benefits of using Randall for both temperature control and access product needs.
Foodservice distributors are increasingly challenged to maintain proper temperature control and product integrity. Randall Manufacturing is a leading supplier of temperature control products—insulated bulkheads, center divide systems, insulated covers, rear and side door curtains, and chutes—to foodservice distributors.
In 2011, the company introduced a new line of access products, Randall Access, which now includes straight and folding walkramps, platform systems, and steps. Randall Access combines 30 years of industry experience, feedback from the trenches, and an engineering attitude of “We’re not leaving anything on the table.”
“At IFDA 2014, we’re bringing our two product lines - temperature control and access products- together in a way the market has not seen before,” said Fred Jevaney, president, Randall Manufacturing and Randall Access. “Having one solution for the foodservice delivery market not only streamlines order placement, invoice management, and reduces administrative time, but also creates a stronger partnership to meet our customers’ needs both inside and outside the trailer.”
Randall Access Floor Deployed Platform (FDP):
•The Randall FDP provides a means of unloading and delivering product quickly from side doors.
•It offers a robust 750-lb weight capacity without the optional supporting leg or 1,000-lb weight capacity with the optional supporting leg.
•Foodservice delivery companies and installers will appreciate that the Randall FDP Platform requires only three inches of floor space, not the typical four for weight capacity exceeding 500 lbs.
•The 31½" wide x 35¼" deep platform provides drivers a safe and secure area for staging and unloading product.
Folding EL:
•The Folding EL, the latest addition to Randall’s line of folding walkramps, allows drivers to quickly and safely deploy a folding walkramp for use with the Randall Elevated Platform and is also compatible with competitors’ middle door platforms.
•Positioned in an open carriage, running parallel with the trailer, the Folding EL quickly pulls out from under the trailer and with two quick motions attaches directly to the Randall Elevated Platform.
•The Folding EL offers high side rails; gripping, all-weather surface; premium hardware; and seamless transitions on and off the walkramp.
For more information, access www.randallaccess.com and www.randallmfg.com.

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