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Safety Vision SV-830 supplies eyes, ears for any scene

Safety Vision has introduced its SV-830 day/night mobile-rated color video camera. The SV-830 camera pairs high-intensity infrared (IR) illuminators with audio to accurately capture the mobile scene.

The latest series in Safety Vision’s line of onboard surveillance and collision avoidance cameras, the SV-830 is provided in dome and wedge enclosures and is suitable for interior and exterior mounting. Available in standard and high-resolution versions, the camera also offers four selectable lens focal lengths, from wide to narrow angles. This feature affords comprehensive coverage and precise viewing, configurable to different operational needs and diverse mobile environments.

A light-emitting diode (LED) on the dome camera model flashes to indicate unit activation. The wedge camera has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP65, which denotes superior protection against environmental factors such as dust and water. All models have pan and tilt capabilities and hardware that locks all movements.

The SV-830 camera is built to withstand harsh environmental and operating conditions and is compatible with both NTSC (National Television System Committee) and PAL (Phase Alternating Line) video transmission standards.

Access for further details.

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