Slide-In bodies can fit in pickup trucks

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies is offering in-stock fiberglass Slide-In bodies for short routes and hot shot deliveries that fit 3/4- and one-ton pickup trucks.

Suitable for intercity delivery of low- and medium-temperature foods, fresh flowers, ice cream, catered meals, and other refrigerated product, the Slide-In features the technology of a standard Johnson fiberglass refrigerated truck body shrunk to a convenient, efficient delivery size. The unit also provides Johnson's thermal break design and truck body construction that keeps shipments colder longer. As with all Johnson bodies, the Slide-In provides long life, low maintenance, and high residual value.

Units are supplied with Carrier/Thermo King mechanical blower systems for fresh product, or cold plate refrigeration systems for both low- and medium-temperature products. Eutectic cold plate refrigeration systems for specific temperatures (+23°, +18°, +9°, -14°, -21° F) are fully independent and easily transferable from truck to truck by removing four bolts. Mounted to the interior ceiling and/or walls, the plates are designed to absorb heat and maintain proper product temperature during the delivery run.
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