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Smoke Pro quickly pinpoints vehicle leaks

Redline Detection LLC has introduced the Smoke Pro, a diagnostic leak detector that enables technicians to easily pinpoint leaks in vacuum, exhaust, fuel vapor recovery (EVAP), and oil systems, as well as wind and water leaks.

The Smoke Pro functions by puffing smoke into one of the vehicle's sealed systems, which produces telltale wisps of smoke and pinpoints the location of the leak. After the leak is repaired, the mechanic uses the Smoke Pro's pressure gauge to perform a decay test to confirm that the system holds pressure, ensuring that the system is properly sealed.

This device uses pure mineral oil and is light enough to hang from under the car hood. The test only takes a few minutes to detect all leaks in the system. The Smoke Pro has a 100 percent safety record. Its patented low-temperature heating element, advanced microprocessor control design, and dual-stage pressure regulation assure reliability and safety using simple shop air pressure when testing any vehicle system.

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