Southco A Series Display Mount has locking arm for easy storage

Southco Inc, provider of engineered access solutions, now offers a Tilt, Swivel, and Swing Display Mount (A Series) available with an added feature that allows the arm to be locked into position for easy storage.
Designed with a plunger that locks the arm securely into place, the A Series maintains position in extreme conditions where motion or vibration may cause display drift.
The locking A Series provides reliability and proven tilt positioning while holding displays securely in place during touchscreen operation, under vibration, or when devices are mounted on uneven surfaces. Southco’s AV Display Mount class offers integrated positioning technology that supplies precise control and customization of operation. Each of Southco’s Display Mounting solutions is validated for 20,000 cycles of operation, enables effortless fingertip positioning, and eliminates the need for constant maintenance and readjustment.
Jim Ford, global product manager, said, “The A Series with added locking feature is an ideal solution for securing applications where sudden loads might cause the arm to swing unintentionally and affect display positioning, such as TV screens in truck cabs and mobile medical carts with attached display screens.”
For more information about AV Display Mounts, access or call 610-459-4000.

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