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Driver Monitoring Systems

Driver monitoring systems report witnessed incidents of improper driving actions. This allows fleet to zero in and identify specific driving problems, providing them with the opportunity to take steps to correct them. Here is a sampling of what is available.

Safety and vehicle monitoring from Driver's Alert

The Driver's Alert system helps companies manage their fleet safety and vehicle monitoring through “how's my driving” decals.

Every participating vehicle is given a unique decal number with a toll-free number to encourage concerned motorists to phone in complaints or compliments about driver safety.

Driver's Alert in-house operators take the calls, create a report that contains the name and number of the caller, the vehicle's decal number, and information about the call, and transmit it by fax or e-mail to the fleet safety director and any other personnel the company deems appropriate.

In addition, the company provides trend analysis summary reports that include percentage of calls per vehicle (categorized by complaint, compliment, and faulty equipment calls), multiple calls by driver name, incident type trend by percentage, and time of day trend.

For details, visit or phone 800-443-9600.

FleetWatch Systems has driver and fleet monitoring programs

FleetWatch Systems' driver check early warning risk management systems help a fleet be proactive in educating and retraining unsafe drivers.

Each registered vehicle gets a distinctive numbered decal that reads “How's My Driving?” and has a toll-free number and website address for motorists to report any comments they may have.

Also provided are interior decals to remind vehicle operators about the monitoring program.

Information is generated on each report and delivered to the fleet within three hours of the receipt of the call. Monthly incident reports also are provided.

The company uses the collected data to assist fleets in identifying key problem areas for drivers that require immediate attention. It can map statistics and chart them against comparative industry standards to identify areas of deficiency in transportation operations.

For details, visit or phone 800-515-9902.

Web-based driver-monitoring program

The system uses web-based reporting service for driver monitoring.

Participating members attach a retro-reflective vehicle identification safety decal to the rear of the vehicle. The decal contains the vehicle's distinguishing number and Internet website address to report driving behavior. records all vehicle driver incident reports, organizes this data into secure reports, and provides e-mail alerts to fleet safety personnel or other fleet officials.

For details, visit helps monitor individual drivers's approach to driver monitoring is to allow those individuals who observe either safe or unsafe driving to make a full report via its website or by calling a toll-free number. The company then faxes a detailed document to the fleet for each report submitted.

On a monthly basis, provides a comprehensive summary of the previous month's data, including all incident follow-up received from the fleet.

The company, whose goal is “making our highways safer through information management,” provides two decals for each vehicle covered. One contains the website address and toll-free number. The second decal has the vehicle identification number.

For details, visit or phone 800-981-8947.

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