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TireStat TPMS designed with user in mind

Mobile Awareness LLC announces TireStat, the next generation of TPMS (tire pressure monitoring and maintenance system) products. TireStat provides increased fuel economy, enhanced safety, maximized tire casing life, and extended tire wear. Lightweight TireStat sensors are mounted externally on the valve stem, allowing air input without sensor removal.

TireStat is pre-programmed by wheel position for easy installation, yet can be altered by the user. This design allows users to optionally program their own warning alert levels by axle position. TireStat not only detects underinflated, overinflated, and rapid-leaking tires, but it also monitors tire temperature.

In addition, the TireStat rechargeable Handheld Monitor functions as a portable tire gauge. As a result, the user can monitor actual tire pressure while adjusting each tire's inflation level. All TireStat systems include an easily mounted transceiver.

TireStat features include an integrated anti-theft locking mechanism for the sensors that are housed in a nylon encasement with a five- to seven-year battery life. Sensors are designed for harsh environments and operate in all weather conditions within a pressure range of 15 to 150 psi.

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