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Trailer tires lead tire road service calls

Sixty-five percent of roadside service calls are for problems with trailer tires, found a Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company survey of its emergency call center. The survey was compiled over a one-year period.

Drive position tires had the second most road service repairs/replacements (22 percent), followed by steer tires (13 percent).

On dual tire and wheel assemblies, the outside dual tire had problems more often than the inside dual — 49 percent and 37 percent respectively.

The Goodyear research showed that the right side of the truck experienced more tire issues (58 percent) than the driver's side (42 percent).

In general, the average cost of a roadside tire repair was around $450, which includes a tire along with the necessary service but excludes the cost of driver time or the delay in the shipment.

Typical downtime was between two and four hours, the survey Goodyear determined, depending upon where the breakdown occurs. A service call in the middle of Wyoming, for example, would take more time than one in Baltimore city.

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