Volvo Truck agrees to carry SAF-Holland’s spare parts

SAF-Holland SA is joining forces with the Volvo Truck Corporation in the aftermarket business. As part of this cooperation, Volvo Truck Corporation has started to include SAF-Holland spare parts in its European Truck Shop product range and thus supply service centers across Europe. SAF-Holland spare parts are available at service centers in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

The SAF-Holland Aftermarket Business Unit supplies spare parts for the heavy-duty truck business through a network of OEM vehicle dealers, independent distributors, service centers, and fleet operators. It has been a stabilizing factor for the company, as this part of the organization has been less seriously affected by the market downturn than the OEM business for trucks and trailers. SAF-Holland recorded a slight increase in order entry in this segment in March 2009. In the past, the spare parts business has been an early indicator of further developments in the truck and trailer market.

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