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Vortex XS-Flo systems can save fleets money

Vortex XS-Flo systems can save fleets money

Various trucking companies have engaged Vortex Green Energy Technologies LLC to supply and supervise test installations of Vortex XS-Flo fuel saver and emission reduction systems in selected metropolitan fleet vehicles and support equipment including refrigeration units.

Established late in 2009, Vortex GET is the sole licensee and distributor of Vortex XS-Flo components and systems in the United States. Originally invented in Costa Rica and patented in Brazil, the components and systems have been extensively tested, approved, and implemented in fleets of major international companies in the Caribbean Basin, Central and South America over the past five years including Chiquita Brands, Dole, and Pepsi. Dole recently approved and certified the installation and use of Vortex XS-Flo in its fleet vehicles and equipment worldwide.

Vortex system installations—in normal, regular, and controlled use—have yielded fuel savings of 5% to 20%, and emission reductions between 15% and 35%, while simultaneously boosting horsepower and applied torque by 5% to 10%, as measured, verified, and reported by customers.

Each one-piece, laser-cut, stainless steel turbulence generator—after a one-time, optimal static installation in multiple positions in the air conduit of an internal combustion engine—pushes and pulls dynamically energized air flow from the intake manifold to the combustion chamber. This exponentially increases and delivers a concentrated amount of oxygen versus fuel molecules for incineration, lowering consumption of fuel while decreasing emissions and increasing power in most internal combustion engines, according to Vito Collucci, co-founder and managing partner of New Jersey-based Vortex GET.

The fast, high-energy concentrated flow of air also reportedly reduces the operating or work load created by the engine. This reduces rpms and lowers idling levels, yielding a smoother, running performance.

“We not only have an opportunity to save our clients’ money, but more importantly, to help our environment at the same time,” said Collucci.

Contact Vortex GET by phone at 1-800-285-0630, e-mail [email protected], or visit for more information.

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