VUSION division of PeopleNet launches MPG Analytics Dashboard

VUSION, a division of PeopleNet and a Trimble company that optimizes performance and decisionmaking through data integration and analytics, has launched its MPG Analytics Dashboard.
Florilli Transportation, a 220-truck fleet based in West Liberty IA, has been using the dashboard in conjunction with PeopleNet. Founder and CEO Murray Fitzer said, “Using VUSION’s MPG Analytics Dashboard, we are just a couple clicks away from the miles-per-gallon data that previously took us hours or sometimes days to compile.”
The MPG Analytics Dashboard connects, interprets, and depicts data from multiple, relevant sources: the engine control module (over-speed, over-rpm, idle time, excess-speed); GPS (temperature, topography); dispatch (load weight); vehicle (vehicle age, engine size, make, and model); and fuel purchases. Visual comparisons make it easy for management to see a true picture of each vehicle, engine, and driver, and how each performance factor directly impacts fuel economy.
VUSION’s dashboard allows fleets to customize configurations for its heat map (red and yellow alerts), asset groups, and timeframes (day ranges). In addition, the dashboard displays behaviors specific to each driver and peer referencing as a context for coaching.
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