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Webb Vortex outperforms other drums

Testing of the new lighter-weight gray iron Webb Vortex drum shows considerable improvement in performance over other lighter-weight commercial vehicle brake drums. The patent-pending design profile of the Vortex drum with reduced wall thickness supported by a centerline squealer band and ribs to enhance structural integrity produces a cooler-running, stronger, durable, lighter-weight gray iron drum.

Dynamometer testing of the Vortex drum against FMVSS 121 standards for brake retardation, power, and recovery shows the drum performs significantly better than required; and outperformed competitive drums tested. As an example, at the completion of both brake power and brake recovery test procedures the Vortex drum required 44% less pressure than the FMVSS 121 limit and less pressure than all other drums tested. Furthermore, brake drum temperatures with the Vortex drum during both tests were consistently lower than the other brake drums. Results showed the Vortex drum dissipates heat quickly resulting in a temperature 75° less than the next coolest-running drum in the test; and generated lower temperatures during brake power test stops.

All tests were conducted at Webb Wheels' R&D facility in Cullman AL and compared the Webb Vortex drum against three other competitive drums weighing from 93 to 100 pounds. To learn more, go to

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