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Agro Farma expanding Chobani yogurt plant

Agro Farma plans to expand its South Edmeston NY manufacturing facility–production hub for Chobani, the company’s Greek yogurt brand. The company will increase the plant’s storage, wastewater treatment facility, and production capabilities. Since acquiring the facility in 2005, the company will have invested more than $100 million and created 200 employment opportunities. This project will result in the addition of an estimated 100 new jobs.

“Chobani has become the #1 selling yogurt in the entire Northeast, showing over a 237% year-to-date growth. We’re taking the necessary steps to meet the growing demand for our products,” said Hamdi Ulukaya, Agro Farma president and founder. “This expansion also aligns with our commitment to helping our local community thrive. Continued growth means more jobs for more people.”

According to Dairy Management Services, by the end of 2010, Agro Farma will use 25 million pounds of milk each week at its South Edmeston-based facility. The economic impact of this project to the New York State farming community will surpass $500 million in the first year and $300 million annually in subsequent years.

Headquartered in Norwich NY, Agro Farma makes its products with milk from Chenango County farms. The company also gives 10% of its annual profits to charities worldwide.

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