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Fonterra uses eCertify

International dairy exporter Fonterra has increased profits and productivity by using the eCertify online system to process trade documentation electronically.

eCertify is used by exporters and freight forwarders to transform costly, inefficient paper-based processes for stamping and signing certificates of origin into a streamlined electronic system. Fonterra documentation center manager Clyde Fletcher estimates eCertify is providing the company with cost savings that amount to more than NZ$250,000.

Since 1989, Fonterra has successfully implemented information technology to transform its business practices so it could support growing global operations and provide superior customer service. Back then, the company employed 32 staff in its Trade Documentation Center to process 6,000 transactions each year. Today, Fonterra employs 28 document processing staff to processes up to 40,000 transactions and up to 120,000 document sets each year.

Rachael Ireland, Fonterra trade documentation specialists manager, said, “Over 78% of all Fonterra’s ex-New Zealand processes are now managed using electronic methods. eCertify has helped the company advance its journey by over 10% toward a goal of 100% electronic inputs and outputs by enabling us to electronically process trade documents in Australia and New Zealand. This capability will soon extend to the United States.”

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