Land O’ Lakes subsidiary upgrades to PowerVue

Land O’ Lakes subsidiary upgrades to PowerVue

Cadec Global, which helps companies stay connected to their private trucking fleets, announced that Northwest Food Products Transportation (NFPT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Land O’ Lakes, has upgraded to Cadec’s PowerVue Enterprise system.
Formerly a long-time user of Cadec’s Mobius product, NFPT chose to upgrade to PowerVue primarily due to its ability to provide fleet managers with real-time driver and fleet activity information, and incorporate that into one easy-to-read dashboard.
NFPT transports more than 10 million pounds of milk and finished dairy products daily for Land O’ Lakes and a host of other dairy companies. In addition, it dispatches another 34 million pounds of milk per day. The firm manages its own private fleet of nearly 200 tankers, a contract fleet of an additional 600 trucks.
Cadec’s PowerVue is a modern and flexible SaaS-based fleet management system, providing all the best-in-class, advanced fleet management features in a single, easy-to-use, secure, and reliable SaaS platform with in-cab hardware designed specifically for the enterprise-class customer.
“We’ve worked with Cadec for many years, and they’ve always been a great partner in helping us manage our fleet and improve both safety and efficiency,” said Roger Nordtvedt, director/general manager of NFPT. “We’re very excited about the upgrades they’ve incorporated into the PowerVue solution, especially the real-time data capabilities. This information on speeding, routing, and delivery times is critical to helping our fleet managers and drivers make good decisions.”
Angela Shue, chief customer officer of Cadec, said, “NFPT understands the importance of monitoring and analyzing fleet data to improve performance and safety, and we are looking forward to rolling out PowerVue to its entire private fleet in the coming weeks.”
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