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Winder Farms reaches delivery milestone

Winder Farms, a home delivery grocer that provides all-natural products directly to consumers’ doorsteps, recently reached a company milestone of 10 million products delivered in 2013 throughout Utah, southern Nevada, and Southern California.
Known as the “farmer’s market on wheels,” Winder Farms expanded this year to health-conscious Orange County CA, which proved to be a major boom for its business. Since its Orange County launch, the company surpassed its goals and enlisted more than 10,000 new customers in that market.
“The convenience of our regular weekly home deliveries, as well as our focus on fresh all-natural products, differentiates us from other home delivery grocers. For time-strapped families who juggle careers and kids’ sports schedules, getting to the natural foods store or local farmers market is not always feasible,” said Mike Dutton, chief executive officer of Winder Farms. “We fill that gap when families need to stock the fridge with healthy fresh produce, baked goods, dairy, and other products so they can eat wholesome, healthy meals all week long.”
Winder Farms has solved the last-mile challenge. While many companies have been able to successfully implement taking products from manufacturers or farms to the stores, one Winder Farms truck on average delivers to more than 150 houses a night.
With more than a century of experience, Winder Farms began its delivery service in 1880, delivering fresh milk and dairy products from its own dairy with a horse-drawn cart. Today, it uses modern methods with online orders, mobile apps, route optimization software, and an expanded product offering, but the company still carries on its long-standing tradition of delivering farm fresh all-natural products.
For more information on Winder Farms or to sign up for service, visit or call 1-800-WINDER1.

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