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ARB verifies Bobtail FTF, dispels regulation rumors

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has verified the Proventia Group’s Bobtail FTF as a Level 2 Plus flow-through-filter. The Bobtail FTF reduces diesel particulate matter at least 50 percent, plus it complies with the 20 percent nitrogen oxide (NO2) limit.

This verification allows this VDECS to be used to comply with the Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) Airborne Toxic Control Measure’s (ATCM) Low-Emission TRU In-Use Performance Standard (LETRU) on Thermo King truck TRUs using less than 25-hp 1987 through 2002 model year engines of these Yanmar models: 3TNE66-TK, 3TNE66KC-ETK, 3TNE72-TK, and 3TNE72KC-ETK.

The Proventia Bobtail FTF consists of a catalyzed knitted wire mesh flow-through filter with back-pressure warning indicator.

TRU owners should read about the specific conditions for which the Bobtail FTF has been approved in the Executive Orders on the ARB Verification Procedure–Level 2 website at

In other news, ARB advises those who hear possible rumors about the TRU regulation to check at to verify their authenticity. Such rumors include:

•Rumor #1—An additional compliance extension has been approved.

•Truth #1: This rumor is not true. However, a six-month grace period is currently in effect until July 16, 2009, for meeting the in-use performance standards. For details, see TRU Advisory 08-15-R3 at

If you have not already complied, ARB strongly recommends that you place your emissions control technology orders as soon as possible but by June 1, 2009, at the latest, to be considered for good-faith compliance efforts in the event that there is a supply bottleneck. Verified retrofit emissions control systems and parts, and replacement engines (new and remanufactured) are currently in stock, with next-day shipping being quoted. Stock will run out soon, and three-month delivery lead times are likely.

ARB will begin enforcement after July 16, 2009. Parties that have not made good-faith effort to comply may be penalized.

•Rumor #2: If you register after the March 16, 2009, registration deadline, ARB will automatically issue you a citation with penalties.

•Truth #2: This rumor is not true. ARB has no automatic citation plan for those registering late. If you missed the registration deadline, please expedite your registration application. If a California-based TRU is inspected and does not have an identification number affixed to both sides of the housing, a citation could be issued.

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