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BlueTec SCR achieves 12-million-mile mark

Detroit Diesel has completed 12 million miles of testing on its BlueTec Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, including its third year of engineering testing in some of the harshest winter environments. By its rollout January 1, 2010, the Detroit Diesel BlueTec technology will surpass 25 million miles of testing.

BlueTec technology — a North American version of Daimler's emissions reduction system — was selected by the company in 2005 to meet the upcoming EPA 2010 emissions standards of near-zero levels of nitrogen oxides (0.20 g/hp-hr) for heavy-duty trucks.

BlueTec will incorporate the enhanced performance of Detroit Diesel's recently introduced DD15, DD13, and soon-to-debut DD16 engines, as well as the already proven ACRS fuel system and an integrated engine-compression brake. BlueTec technology includes a one-box packaging design optimized for low back-pressure and a new, robust DPF material. The BlueTec SCR NOx aftertreatment system will utilize diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and has been fully optimized for low emissions and high fuel economy.

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