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C R England rolls out LNG tractor fleet

C R England rolls out LNG tractor fleet

C R England has unveiled a new fleet of liquefied natural gas (LNG) tractors to be used in its dedicated operation division based in Ontario CA.

The announcement came at the Ontario Convention Center with the new tractors and trailers on hand for inspection. Guest speakers included Dean England, president of C R England; Wayne Cederholm, chief executive officer of the company, and Ontario City Council member Alan D Wapner.

“C R England continually strives to find and implement greener transportation options,” said Dean England. “LNG tractors use natural gas and are one of the best alternative fuels currently available. We are incredibly excited to be the largest refrigerated carrier to incorporate LNG tractors into our fleet and see great potential for future expansion.”

The ribbon-cutting celebration focused on key topics of green transportation and benefits of LNG tractors, and launched the LNG fleet, which will run from Ontario to Las Vegas NV. Benefits of LNG include:

•Safe fuel option—It is non-toxic and disperses quickly.

•Environmentally friendly—It is the cleanest of all fossil fuels and emits up to 30% less greenhouse gas than gasoline or diesel vehicles.

•Domestic—Up to 99% of the gas C R England uses comes from North America.

•Abundant—LNG is plentiful in North America.

“When you’re dealing with a quality transportation company like C R England, it is no surprise that they are on the forefront of using alternative fuels for their fleet,” said Wapner. “The city of Ontario appreciates companies that do business in our city and whose values align with our city’s Climate Action Plan.”

Founded in 1920, Salt Lake City UT-based C R England is one of North America’s largest transportation companies and a leading temperature-controlled carrier globally. Its services include national, Mexico, and regional truckload service in addition to dedicated and intermodal services. Other services include leasing, brokerage, LTL/parcel, supply chain engineering, special project engineering, warehousing, and global sourcing, which has offices in Southern California and China.

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