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Carrier Corp offers CO2NSERVATION Meter

Carrier Corporation has launched its CO2NSERVATION Meter, which calculates avoided greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as a result of installation of Carrier refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heating systems around the world since 2000.

To illustrate the avoided GHG emissions associated with energy-efficient products in use and to emphasize the impact of choosing more efficient products, Carrier developed the CO2NSERVATION Meter. The model compares projected GHG emissions from select Carrier products with emissions from other baseline products, with the difference representing the avoided emissions. As of November 16, 2010, the CO2NSERVATION Meter showed customers have avoided 70,087,194 metric tons of GHG emissions, equivalent to the electricity use of 8.5 million US homes for one year, by choosing Carrier products since 2000.

TIAX LLC, an independent, third-party technology company operating laboratories, has validated the reductions, according to John Dieckmann, TIAX director, HVAC and Refrigeration Technology.

The CO2NSERVATION Meter can be found at the company’s new sustainability microsite at

Visit for more information.

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