Closed Loop Cooling a TriPac APU option

Thermo King announces the addition of Closed Loop Cooling to the list of options for the TriPac Hybrid Auxiliary Idle Reduction and Temperature Control System (APU). The Closed Loop Cooling option delivers some key benefits:

•Reduced installation complexity

•Emergency tractor alternator backup

•TriPac runs independently of tractor cooling system

For drivers who frequently operate in warm climates or prefer that the TriPac system not tie into the tractor engine coolant, Closed Loop Cooling is the ideal option. The TriPac system will run independently of the tractor engine coolant and still provide battery charging and cab comfort options. Closed Loop Cooling also provides emergency tractor alternator backup, which means the TriPac system can supply voltage for temporary tractor operation in case of tractor charging system failure. Closed Loop Cooling can be ordered with the TriPac system or as an aftermarket option from Thermo King dealers.

Visit for further details.

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