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Giant Eagle receives four awards from EPA

Supermarket retailer Giant Eagle Inc has received four awards from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its green practices and sustainability efforts, as well as special recognition for its environmentally friendly transportation initiatives.

The US EPA Montreal Protocol Awards honor achievements in ozone layer protection, climate protection, and human health protection. On September 23, 2010, Giant Eagle was honored for its track record and leadership in installing environmentally sustainable business practices throughout its operations. Giant Eagle is one of only two food retailers receiving the award this year.

“Giant Eagle continues to achieve what was thought to be impossible just a few short years ago,” said Keilly Witman, manager of EPA’s GreenChill Partnership. “They were the first supermarket partner to reduce their corporate-wide refrigerant emissions rate to below 10%—a feat that most in the industry said couldn’t be done.”

On September 22, 2010 Giant Eagle received GreenChill’s 2009 Best Leak Rate Award for its efforts to reduce refrigerant leaks; GreenChill’s 2009 Exceptional Goal Achievement Award for meeting GreenChill standards for stretch refrigerant emissions; and, finally, GreenChill’s 2009 Superior Goal Achievement Award for achieving GreenChill’s target rate for refrigerant emissions.

Giant Eagle’s flagship Market District store in Robinson Township PA received an GreenChill Gold Level Building Certification for its use of environmentally friendly commercial refrigeration. The Robinson Market District was noted for its sustainable features, including refrigerant leak rates well below the industry average, the use of a secondary loop refrigeration system, and the use of CO2 and glycol refrigerants in the secondary loop refrigeration system to protect the ozone layer.

Giant Eagle received a score of 1.25 from the EPA’s Smartway Transport Partnership program, tied for highest among all other participating retailers. The score indicates the relative fuel efficiency and general environmental performance of transport fleets.

Founded in 1931, Giant Eagle has 170 corporate and 58 independently owned and operated supermarkets, in addition to 158 fuel and convenience stores throughout western Pennsylvania, Ohio, north central West Virginia, and Maryland.

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