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Hankook achieves EPA SmartWay certification for truck tires

Hankook Tire has had three of its commercial fleet tires certified for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay Program, meeting the program's requirement to reduce rolling resistance by 3 percent. The recently launched AL07+ steer tire, Z35a drive tire, and TL01 trailer tire all provide lower rolling resistance to meet SmartWay standards designed to promote cleaner, more efficient truck technologies.

The AL07+ steer tire uses a breakthrough mixing system to ensure longer tread life without sacrificing performance. Hankook calls the process Innovative Mixing System (IMS), which reinforces a stronger bond of the materials and generates lower heat.

The Z35a drive tire has extra-rugged tread with a special long-wearing compound that is resistant to cuts, abrasions and stone retention.

The TL01 long-haul trailer tire was designed with fuel efficiency in mind. The shallower skid depth of the TL01 trailer tire contributes to its reduced rolling resistance.

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