Pasta Prima uses 100 percent renewable energy

Pasta Prima uses 100 percent renewable energy

Refrigerated pasta company Pasta Prima announced its products are not only 100% natural, but they’re also made using 100% renewable energy.

The company’s lines of frozen and refrigerated natural ravioli and tortellini are the first of their kind to feature the Green-e certification seal. Green-e, a third-party eco-label organization, certifies businesses’ commitment to renewable energy and greenhouse gas mitigation.

In 2010, the company invested more than $2 million in a rooftop solar array on its Benicia CA manufacturing plant that is expected to produce 70% of the facility’s power, equivalent to 682,000 kilowatts of electricity per year. That’s enough energy to power 60 homes for one year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The remainder of the company’s power is now offset with Green-e-certified wind power renewable energy credits. Pasta Prima also recycles all cardboard and food waste created via manufacturing.

In addition to the Green-e certification seal, a new packaging label will highlight the 100% natural message and feature an updated brand logo. All products will incorporate these design changes effective immediately.

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