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PE works to consolidate Dole sustainability data

Dole Food Company Inc has partnered with PE International to consolidate the company’s sustainability data into one software system, calculating key performance indicators and enhancing Dole’s ability to establish, manage, and meet program objectives at locations worldwide.

PE is working with Dole on the implementation of SoFi, a central sustainability platform that transforms data from corporate activities into meaningful performance information. Dole is harmonizing its key sustainability indicators, including the company’s carbon footprint, which will then be consolidated into SoFi and reported regularly.

“SoFi will not only contribute to improving our sustainability reporting,” said Roberto Vega, director of sustainability at Dole, “it will also increase the efficiency of managing the company’s information related to sustainability and allow us to set and achieve global objectives—instead of focusing on each operation separately.”

Dole, with 2010 net revenues of $6.9 billion, produces and markets fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, and produces and handles organic bananas and organic pineapples. It markets a line of packaged and frozen fruit and provides nutrition education and research.

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