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Prime Lube to offer BlueSky DEF

Prime Lube Inc has secured a partnership with Germany’s Kruse Group to become the first Mid-Atlantic manufacturer of BlueSky diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) for distribution across 12 states, the District of Columbia, and two Canadian provinces.

As part of the arrangement, Kruse will provide Prime Lube with the manufacturing equipment and raw materials, namely automotive grade urea, to produce BlueSky DEF for sale to Prime Lube’s fuel and lubricant distributor network throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Prime Lube will begin production of BlueSky DEF in June 2010. They company is already distributing Kruse-manufactured DEF throughout Ontario, Quebec, all of New England, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Washington DC.

Kruse’s BlueSky manufacturing process has enabled the company to garner a share of the DEF market in Germany and secure manufacturing and distribution partnerships in Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Dubai, India, and Brazil. Kruse provides the manufacturing equipment and raw materials to suppliers, which then produce BlueSky for distribution in local and regional markets.

BlueSky is ISO- and API-approved for its ability to help neutralize NOx emissions generated through diesel exhaust. In January, the US Environmental Protection Agency began requiring a DEF system to be onboard all commercial and passenger diesel-powered vehicles to reduce emissions. In its most basic form, DEF is a blend of urea, derived from natural gas, and deionized water that combine to form ammonia, which turns NOx emissions into water vapor and elemental nitrogen. It has shown to increase fuel economy up to 5%.

For more information about Prime Lube and BlueSky, call (800) 634-4615.

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