TRU ATCM compliance documents in Spanish

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) now has Spanish language versions of compliance assistance documents for the Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM). Spanish language documents are posted on the TRU website and advisory webpage at:

These documents are distinguished by the use of the label (Español), which is also the link to the Spanish version of the document described.

Here is a list of documents available in Spanish:

1. Information Brochure #1

2. Information Brochure #2

3. Frequently Asked Questions and Guidelines for Compliance with the TRU ATCM

4. How Do I Comply with the TRU ATCM for Operators of TRUs

5. Transport Refrigeration Unit ATCM Tutorial (PPT)

6. TRU Advisory 08-01—Using Model Year to Determine TRU ATCM Compliance Date

7. TRU Advisory 08-02—Electric Standby/Hybrid Compliance Option

8. TRU Advisory 08-04—TRU ATCM requirements for Leased/ Rented TRUs

9. TRU Advisory 08-05—Using Rebuilt/Remanufactured Engines for TRU ATCM Compliance

10. TRU Advisory 08-06-R3—TRU Registration Application for Identification Numbers

11. TRU Advisory 08-08—Using Biodiesel as a TRU ATCM Compliance Option

12. TRU Advisory 08-09-R1—No Low-Use Exemption and Non-Operational TRUs

13. TRU Advisory 08-10-R1—Affixing or Painting ARB Identification Numbers on TRUs

14. TRU Advisory 08-15-R3—Six-Month Grace Period for First In-Use Performance Standard Compliance Date and Revised TRU Registration and Operator Report Schedule

15. TRU Advisory 09-17—Compliance Requirements for TRUs Based Outside California

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