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Albeo high bay lets Dole save energy

Albeo Technologies Inc announces the retrofit of a Dole cold storage warehouse with Albeo’s C-Series solid-state high bay. Dole, the world’s largest producer and marketer of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, replaced 400W metal halide fixtures with Albeo C-Series high bay fixtures. Light levels nearly doubled in the cold storage warehouse with the fixtures mounted at 28 feet and temperatures below 0° F. Albeo’s high bays with integrated motion sensors delivered 95% energy savings.

“Cold storage with sub-zero temperatures is a demanding environment for lighting,” said David Shankel, engineering director at Dole. “There is continuous activity inside the warehouse moving and staging product. To maximize worker productivity, safety, and energy efficiency, we require high light levels with no start delay, and motion sensors. We selected Albeo’s high bay because it was the only solution that met our needs.”

“Independently certified by LM-79 testing, Albeo’s C-Series high bay surpasses any fluorescent, HID, or other LED solution available for efficacy, light output, and low-temperature performance,” said Paul Winker, Albeo product manager. “The lifetime of our LEDs in a motion-sensed cold storage environment can be measured in decades.”

Since the Dole installation in January 2009, Albeo has upgraded the C-Series high bay to deliver more than 13,000 lumens at 175 watts. Optics for racked aisle warehouse applications provide optimized horizontal and vertical light distribution. Visit for details on Albeo’s entire product line.

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