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Aleco offers ImpacDor AIS-175

Aleco offers ImpacDor AIS-175

The tough, flexible design of Aleco’s ImpacDor AIS-175 door makes it a suitable choice for a variety of manufacturing, cold storage and warehouse, food processing plant, and retail store applications. This versatile door is ideal for any opening with frequent motorized traffic, but is also light and responsive enough to accommodate carts and walk-through traffic.

The pliable AIS-175 is constructed with rubber I-beams that are bonded to flexible vinyl facings, ensuring flexibility at impact and the memory to return to the original shape. Rubber I-beam extrusions, combined with a steel spine and aluminum mount assembly, strengthen the critical hinge area. The AIS-175 features full-thickness (46-mm) foam insulation; fabric-reinforced vinyl facings; heavy-duty, sealed bearing V-cam hinges; and double-loop nosing and blade seals to resist heat, dust, and sound transfer.

AIS-175 doors are custom-made to fit applications up to 10 feet wide by 10 feet high. Transom and dutch door options are recommended to accommodate higher openings. The AIS-175 comes in a variety of decorative colors, making it suitable for retail operations as well as more punishing environments.

Aleco manufactures impact doors, strip doors, and flexible barrier products for light- to heavy-duty industrial, commercial, and foodservice applications. To inquire about specifications, visit the Aleco website at, call 1-800-633-3120, or e-mail [email protected]

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