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Aura Systems, Zanotti form marketing alliance

Aura Systems Inc has entered into a strategic alliance with Zanotti in North America (ZE Inc). Aura will integrate its patented AuraGen power generation and management system with Zanotti’s transport refrigeration systems to create an all-electric system.

Both companies will jointly market these systems to the various segments within the transport refrigeration industry, including mid-size trucks, pups, and full-size trailers. ZE Inc’s distribution network will be trained to distribute, sell, install, and offer aftermarket servicing for the all-electric transport refrigeration systems.

Zanotti SpA is a global manufacturer and distributor of transport, industrial, and commercial refrigeration systems for the food industry.Based in Pegognaga, Italy, it has more than 50 years of operating history, and has manufacturing facilities in seven nations and distributes its transport refrigeration systems in 90 countries worldwide. For more information on Zanotti refrigeration, visit

Melvin Gagerman, Aura’s chief executive officer, said, “This alliance will provide our company with access to both service and installation capabilities through a comprehensive dealer network across the United States and Canada. It will also allow us to expand our customer base from midsize trucks, to pup and full-size trailers with the most advanced refrigeration system available worldwide. In addition, this strategic alliance in the United States is a prelude to a much broader opportunity not covered by this agreement—the distribution of our all-electric refrigeration solution globally.”

Michael Driscoll, director and chief financial officer of ZE Inc, said, “Aura’s revolutionary power system will clearly result in a global paradigm shift in transport refrigeration. The all-electric solution is clearly the way of the future, allowing operators to save significant amounts of fuel and maintenance costs and at the same time, to help the environment by reducing harmful emissions.”

For more information, visit

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