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AuraGen and Oasis all-electric refrigeration solution is exempt from CARB's measure

Aura Systems has developed an all-electric refrigeration solution. The patented power generator, AuraGen, is currently being used on thousands of trucks for a variety of uses.

Not only has the AuraGen passed almost every applicable safety standard, but it also is exempt from the California Air Resources Board's (CARB) Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM). This is because it is not powered by an “integral internal combustion engine,” so it doesn't meet the definition of TRU, according to CARB's Rod Hill.

All electrically-driven refrigeration systems such as the Oasis, manufactured by Global Refrigeration Systems (now Aura Systems), are exempt from the TRU, said Hill. Global Refrigeration Systems developed the Oasis reefer unit as a result of its knowledge of the AuraGen. After nearly two years of development, the system was first installed earlier in 2008. Aura Systems then acquired Global Refrigeration Systems in order to better market and deliver this system.

Hill provided this exerpt from the applicability section of the TRU ATCM (California Code of Regulations, Title 13, Section 2477(b)):

“Except as provided in subsection (c), this regulation applies to owners and operators of diesel-fueled TRUs and TRU gen-sets (see definition of operator and owner in subsection (d) that operate in the state of California. This specifically includes:

(A) Operators and owners of California-based TRUs and TRU gen-sets that are installed on trucks, trailers, shipping containers, or railcars.

(B) Operators and owners of non-California-based TRUs and TRU gen-sets that are installed on trucks, trailers, shipping containers, or trailers.”

According to Hill, the definition of a TRU is (CCR, Title 13(d)(63)): ”Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU)” means refrigeration systems powered by integral internal combustion engines designed to control the environment of temperature-sensitive products that are transported in trucks and refrigerated trailers. TRUs may be capable of both cooling and heating.

This interpretation is consistent with CARB's position that mobile refrigeration systems used on small vans and straight trucks — where the refrigerant compressor is powered by the vehicle engine — are not applicable to the TRU ATCM. Similarly, the all-electrically driven refrigeration systems used on oceangoing shipping containers are not applicable. In both of these cases, these refrigeration systems are not powered by an “integral internal combustion engine,” so they don't meet the definition of TRU and are not applicable to the TRU ATCM.

The AuraGen is also installed in several military vehicles, which means the product is robust, proven, and already in the field.

Aura Systems says it has the technology to save fleets thousands of dollars in fuel, meet compliance issues, and reduce emissions.

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