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Carrier Transicold, TYR are Olympic champs in food and beverage safety at Beijing

If they gave out gold medals for food and beverage safety, Carrier Transicold and joint-venture partner Tianjin Yuanchang Reefer Container Service (TYR) would be champions.

Food and beverage safety was paramount in the minds of 2008 Beijing Games officials. When one of the world's leading container leasing companies needed to supply continuous monitoring and maintenance services for more than 400 Carrier ThinLINE refrigerated containers positioned around the Olympic Village, they called TYR.

The refrigerated container units were used to store and cool beverages, seafood, meat, fruit, vegetables, and perishable medical supplies. Each 40-foot container was capable of storing up to 28,000 bottles of mineral water.

Tracking and maintaining the security of food and beverage for 400,000 people a day — including athletes, officials, and spectators — was no simple task. Container contents were replenished on a daily basis, as overseen by the Beijing Agricultural Bureau.

To provide safe, quality agricultural products for athletes and visitors, a rigorous food tracking and monitoring system was fully guaranteed by the Chinese government. The system used a unified logistics code for all food and beverage entering the Olympic Village, including full process monitoring — from manufacturing, processing and packaging, to storing and transporting the food to the center of the village. The information was incorporated into a database that kept food supervisors fully aware of all procedures and could trace the sources. The refrigerated containers also stored medical products used to treat the athletes.

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