Cheney Brothers to deploy ReeferTrak in fleet

Alanco Technologies Inc announced that its StarTrak Systems subsidiary has been awarded a contract by Cheney Brothers Inc for deployment of its ReeferTrak monitoring system on the company’s nationwide fleet of 400 refrigerated trailers.

A foodservice distributor in the Southeast United States, Cheney Brothers inventories more than 15,000 items with annual revenues exceeding $700 million. Using ReeferTrak information management services will enable it to expand service to its network of foodservice customers by assuring absolute temperature compliance and on-time delivery. The company expects to complete fleetwide deployment of ReeferTrak by May 2010.

Cheney Brothers employs multi-compartment trailers to provide a variety of refrigerated product. ReeferTrak will monitor each compartment’s shipment temperature settings versus actual temperatures at 15-minute intervals—from origin to customer destination—with both graphical and tabular temperature displays immediately available upon arrival at destination.

ReeferTrak’s capability of immediate alarm condition notification can be supplemented with remotely set independent temperature alerts for every shipment, allowing Cheney to have instant understanding of any out-of-range temperature condition and capability to remotely resolve reefer operational problems.

Joe Haber, chief information officer for Cheney Brothers, said, “ReeferTrak also delivers specific capabilities, which allows Cheney Brothers to achieve operational savings. The ReeferTrak system allows Cheney Brothers to observe every operational detail of our deliveries from warehouse locations, and evaluate the condition of our refrigerated equipment in real time. Reliable management of trailer operations such as refueling events, fuel usage, and trailer inventory management provide significant operational cost savings to us.”

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