Concerns over EPA Tier 4 standards lessening?

Jim Sweeney

Jim Sweeney, AmeriQuest Transportation Services vice-president of capital equipment, says worries about the impact of new US EPA Tier 4 standards for transport refrigeration units (TRUs) should quickly diminish among transportation industry leaders.
In his blog on AmeriQuest’s website, Sweeney says the higher prices and maintenance concerns that have accompanied the introduction of EPA-compliant heavy-duty truck engines are what spurred the apprehension since the industry expected similar consequences with the new Tier 4 rules.
“Contrary to earlier reports that the Tier 4 Final emissions standards impacting TRUs would drive up costs and be a major headache for fleet owners, the opposite seems to be true so far,” he said, adding that the two major manufacturers of TRUs—Thermo King and Carrier—have revamped their products without the addition of high-priced add-ons.
Both manufacturers have accomplished the goal of lowering particulate matter and nitrogen oxide while delivering the significant benefits of better fuel economy and improved performance, Sweeney says in the blog. He points to the separate solutions offered by Thermo King and Carrier and explains how they line up with the new EPA standards, with price increases being offset by improvements in fuel economy.
The AmeriQuest executive also lists the variety of benefits the new standards have delivered to fleet owners and operators. To see a more in-depth explanation of the benefits, visit the blog at
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