CoolTrax offers remote monitoring of Carrier Transicold systems

The remote communications company CoolTrax Americas now offers refrigerated asset tracking and temperature monitoring for trailer and truck refrigeration systems from Carrier Transicold, part of Carrier Corp, a business unit of United Technologies Corp.

The CoolTrax tracking and monitoring system is approved by Carrier Transicold for one-way communication with North America-based transport refrigeration units. This includes nearly all Carrier single-temperature and multi-temperature units using either the standard Summit or Advance microprocessors dating back to 1996. Carrier Transicold’s universal connectivity system, comprised of an adapter harness, DataTrak control software, and additional software upgrades, facilitates communications between refrigeration units and CoolTrax.

CoolTrax uses GSM cellular communications to monitor up to 20 remote RFID tags on a single truck or trailer. These tags can provide independent zone temperatures, onboard fuel monitoring, and door open/close time and positions. A GPS locator provides asset tracking functions.

The Fresh InMotion Internet application from CoolTrax permits real-time reporting of refrigeration unit status and remote tag temperatures via web browser, and also provides e-mail and text alerts of time-sensitive exceptions. CoolTrax’s recently released TractorLink allows for low-cost mating of the trailer ID with its corresponding power unit.

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