Cryoport expands with The World Egg Bank

Cryoport Inc (OTCBB: CYRX) continues to provide advanced logistics services for reproductive medicine with The World Egg Bank (TWEB).
Through its partnership, TWEB employs Cryoport’s cloud-based logistics management software platform (known as the Cryoportal) complemented by its patented dry vapor Cryoport Express Shippers and Cryoport’s logistics expertise. TWEB successfully ships its critical customer products in this manner, both domestically and internationally.
In collaboration with TWEB, Cryoport customized its complete data monitoring to TWEB’s specific requirements as well as the use of TWEB’s custom shipping goblet within the Cryoport Express Shipper. This achieves fully documented “chain-of-custody” and “chain-of-condition” and helps ensure the quality, safety, and stability of shipped specimens.
“Our customers insist on reliability; they rely on us to ensure state of the art technologies for cryopreservation and transportation,” said Diana Thomas, chief executive officer and founder of TWEB. “Cryoport, with its customer-centric approach to handling our products, has proven that it can reliably maintain and accurately document cryogenic chain of condition for temperatures during shipping. This is critical for specimen integrity and ultimately a successful IVF treatment. Cryoport’s services and patented technologies have now become an integral part of our solutions, both for domestic and international shipments.”
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