Cryoport, UPS team up to offer cryogenic solutions

Cryoport Inc (OTC BB: CYRX), the provider of advanced cryogenic logistics systems, is collaborating with UPS to enhance its temperature-sensitive shipping offerings to the healthcare industry.
UPS’s global network of healthcare customers will now have access to UPS Temperature True Cryo, using packaging that supplies liquid nitrogen dry vapor dewars with an advanced operating platform. UPS Temperature True Cryo will keep products frozen at –150 degrees C for 10 days in dynamic shipping conditions.
In conjunction with its new, Cryoport-enabled cryogenic packaging, UPS will be deploying the UPS Proactive Response Secure, as the first risk management, intervention, and insurance solution for the supply chain. UPS Proactive Response Secure is designed to provide coverage for critical biological shipments. Temperature True Cryo delivers real-time tracking and intervention services along with UPS’s proactive monitoring, risk mitigation solutions, and global network of control towers, providing enhanced visibility for time-sensitive cryogenic shipments at every stage of the supply chain.
Jerrell Shelton, Cryoport’s chief executive officer, said, “We are proud to be working with UPS, one of the largest shipping companies in the world, to supplement its extensive logistics offerings to the healthcare industry by providing customers with our industry-leading, temperature-sensitive solution to preserve products in cryogenic environments. It is our understanding that UPS customers can also mitigate any risk associated with damage during transit with the new, Cryoport-enabled UPS Proactive Response Secure, a solution for the transportation and timely delivery of critical biological materials. We anticipate that UPS’s growing network of more than 220 countries worldwide will benefit from Cryoport’s solutions. Cryoport is fully committed to supporting UPS and enabling its customers to meet the increasing demands for advanced and reliable supply chain solutions.”
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