DuPont Tyvek air cargo covers optional on AC Fresh, AC Pharmacair shipments

Air Canada Cargo has introduced DuPont Tyvek air cargo covers, now offered as an optional feature for AC Fresh and AC Pharmacair shipments.
“Further to testing the DuPont Tyvek air cargo covers on perishable and pharmaceutical shipments, and given their success and acceptance in the marketplace, we are pleased to provide our customers with this value-added offering,” said Vito Cerone, director, marketing and cargo sales, Americas.
Tyvek air cargo covers are specifically engineered to address the threat of cold chain breaks during air transit—when temperature-sensitive products are at the greatest risk for temperature excursions. Validated in a variety of applications worldwide, Tyvek air cargo covers provide:
•Proven protection against temperature excursions caused by extreme solar radiation
•Breathability, allowing oxygen to reach the product, avoiding suffocation and damage
•Breathable barrier allowing excess moisture to escape
•Protection from physical hazards such as rain, dust, and insects
•Easy installation
“We are proud of our long-standing collaboration with Air Canada Cargo to protect perishable and temperature-sensitive products through cold chain. Air Canada Cargo is deeply committed to offering the best cold chain solutions to their customers and was one of the earliest adopters of Tyvek air cargo covers,” said Diego Boeri, DuPont Tyvek global business director. “We are pleased that Air Canada Cargo is extending this service broadly across their network and look forward to collaborating on future cold chain protection innovations for customers shipping perishable and pharmaceutical products.”
Tyvek air cargo covers are currently being offered for shipments originating from Lima, Bogota, Santiago, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, and Istanbul, with the aim to expand to other Air Canada Cargo stations soon. They are available in LD7 pallet size and can be reserved with Air Canada Cargo at the time of booking.
Access for additional information on the covers.
For more information on how to use these covers on an Air Canada Cargo shipment, go to

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