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Fleetco Ultimate Catering Van

Fleetco Ultimate Catering Van

Fleetco has developed an insulated van capable of carrying both hot and cold food products—or freeze and chill—in two separate compartments.

Through use of either a permanent or movable partition, the cargo space can be divided in two sections. The front portion is accessed through the side doors, the second section through the rear doors. A 12-volt, temperature-controlled fan in the partition can provide circulation to maintain chill temperatures in the rear section while the front unit is set to freeze.

Cambro heated cabinets powered by an on-board electrical inverter can be placed permanently or temporarily in the rear section for hot food on trays. Other configurations are available using different type and size of cabinets. An electric hydraulic liftgate is also an option.

“The Ultimate Catering Van” was developed for a branch of the military. The basic platform is a Ford F-350 extended cargo van. The van was outfitted with an insulated liner and a truck engine-driven ATC refrigeration unit with 120-volt standby power. A movable/removable insulated partition is located behind the rear wheel housings. This rear area can be used for dry or chill storage. Two Cambro hot cabinets plug into a rear 100-volt duplex outlet and are secured in place by cargo straps. On-board electric power is supplied by a 6,000-watt inverter in the cab. Power is provided when the van engine is running, and the capacity is sufficient to run multiple hot cabinets as well as lights or other accessories at an outdoor event.

Forward of the movable partition is a full-width removable aluminum platform that “double-decks” the forward cargo area between the side doors and partition.

All of the interior components can be removed to use the entire cargo area for refrigerated products. The design of this van offers complete flexibility for foodservice operations.

Fleetco also provides kits for Ford, GM, and Sprinter full-size vans as well as Morgan refrigerated bodies from 12 to 28 feet. For more information, contact Fleetco at 800-335-3287 or 850-477-7645, or visit

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