Great Dane ThermoGuard, CorroGuard can extend useful life of refrigerated trailers

Great Dane Trailers is showcasing its products to extend the useful life of a refrigerated trailer and to combat corrosion: ThermoGuard, a glass-reinforced thermoplastic interior liner; and CorroGuard, a corrosion-fighting m.

ThermoGuard's composite layer seals the trailer's insulation, reducing “out gassing” and helping to maintain thermal efficiency over the life of the trailer. Additionally, operational costs are reduced as the cooling unit will run less, consume less fuel, and require less maintenance.

A refrigerated trailer lined with ThermoGuard dramatically slows down the loss in insulation performance that refrigerated trailers with traditional liners experience as they age. This extends the trailer's useful life by maintaining excess capacity and the overall effectiveness of the trailer.

ThermoGuard can potentially reduce cooling unit run time more than 1,000 hours over the course of five years. By helping to maintain insulation performance over the life of the trailer, the cooling unit will not have to work as hard each year to make up for degrading insulation performance.

CorroGuard is Great Dane's spray-in-place thermoplastic elastomeric coating applied to suspensions and support gear that provides superior long-term protection from road abrasion and corrosion.

Even under normal operating conditions, trailer underbodies are subject to extremes: moisture, severe temperatures, road debris, winter road traction, and de-icing materials. When paint coatings are abraded, those areas are left exposed to the caustic environment, dirt, and road debris accumulation. If not maintained or repaired, the result is persistent deterioration and oxidation.

CorroGuard takes corrosion resistance and durability a step further. Available on all Great Dane dry vans and refrigerated trailer models, CorroGuard provides extreme durability and chemical resistance to current de-icing chemicals, road debris, climate fluctuations, and ice and snow.

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